Friday, August 21, 2009


Topic B:
"The Aurvana Air earphones and I make a perfect fit because..."

It wouldn't fall even if I jump and kick,
Lively sound quality that makes me energetic,
Wonderful gadget for my training needs,
Motivation to my ears for my championship.

Comfort design to wear for days and nights,
Stays perfectly even when I get into a fight,
Fashionable silver earhook sparkling by the side,
Secure and unique that's what I like.

Over-training makes me tired and weak,
A nice song helps my tension release,
Mentally relax to have a good night sleep,
A good pampering to stay in the lead.

I'm a unique and hyperactive person,
Love using quality and unique gadget for this reason,
The Aurvana Air earphones is the best invention,
Fits me right reaching ultimate satisfaction!

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