Saturday, April 11, 2009

Prizes for April 2009

Astro The Spirit Contest
1) Casio Exilim Ex-S10
thought I didn't win.... =}

always wanted a better kamara =} ~

thin, big screen and auto detect smile =D ~

P1W1max Contest
1) Goodies Bag... Cap, Mug, Pen and....
Ipod Shuffle , pink again..... =.=" ~

=D Shery Hohoho again, help me
to pick them up ....xD ~ ten kiuuuU~~~~
or else I got nothings to show off now... =} ~

2) Apple Ipod Shuffle 1gb Green
yea... i dont have green.... =}

3) Apple Ipod Shuffle 1gb Pink
hmm.... pink, pink ~!! #*$#&*$^*%@%

Anglia Contest - Shinjuku Incident
1) GSC Tickets
noo... i still haven't step my foot into cinema.

my sister have it for her date ... =} ~

Forget Contest
1) Nissan Keychain
how good if its for real... haha, in my dream!

i capture it like have won a brand new car...xD ~
Cathay Watchmen Contest
1) Watchmen Torch Light Keychain
2) Watchmen Soundtrack

I was hoping for the watch but this one is cute either~

win kinda few for this month, so decided to play with it =}

yea... gona show u how this works =D ~ CUTEEEE isn't it !!!

torturing it for a few minutes as got nothing much
to play this month ={ ~

Shell James Bond Contest
1) Jusco Voucher RM120
another free shopping trip ~~ =D~

yala yala... i shop for some already before i
remember to snap a complete set...

CIMB click Contest
1) RM50

yea... is worth to skip my lunch and rush
my way to AmBank, yes AmBank....
How BluR!!....go AmBank open CIMB account =.="


bettYone said...

woohoo..again..u won..(^_^)
congrats jing2!

aiyaa..ok what dat camera..
got ipod some more..
very lucky..wink2~

Jing Jing said...

=} thanks...

ok la,the camera not bad..
yea ipod...can make some cash.
hopefully can sell it off fast~~~

eshark said...

Uhh!! you won plenty of nice stuff there.. big congrats! ;)

Jing Jing said...

eeh.. thanks =} ~

Eaxan said...

what mean go Ambank open CIMB?

Jing Jing said...

I step wrong foot to AmBank, as i wanted to open CIMB acount...=D