Wednesday, January 21, 2009

First Prize for January 2009

Let's see what I got for this very first month of 2009 Contest
1) 4 complimentary passes
ahhh, this month don't have UIP movie also!!
So, I'm winning a rubbish for my 1st winning of the year ={

But is Okie.....coz....the next is....

Clarin Tell and Win Contest
1) A pampering day with 3 friends

Oomph Contest
When this logo appears on the envelope.... it means I got free lunch =}

1) Cathay Tix & Food Vouchers

SONY Walkman Contest

1) Sony MP3 1gb - NWD E023F
Ohh...this one worth RM219....(duno, there's a price tag on it)...=} provide additional covers in blue. Avoiding some guys feel red is too sissy?

it is so solid unlike other MP3 Player. You can feel the diffrent when you hold it...=}
SONY = SOLID !! ... no wonder this brand is so famous !

2) Sony Stereo Heaphones MDR-EX55SL
this is so nice.... I never see so complete set of headphones O.O"
and it got provide extra spare rubbers, it is so soft!
and and....extention wire, little container for headphones and that grey little bag.
see see??? I think I'll name it PuuRRFECT COMPLETE HEADPHONE SET !
Sony really impress me, very profesional.... =]

Digi Duck Contest

1) Apple Ipod Black 8gb

hmm...this looks silky but I still prefer the 16gb , gona sell this off as well =]. Welcome serious buyer...

Estee Lauder Contest
1) TurboLash Motion Mascara
wow....I start to feels I'm really like a kampung girl....
this masikala use batteryyyyy....O.O" ~
Umm....weird to me. Wondering will it shave off my hair on my eyes???
errr... sorry, haven't got any idea how to use it yet =}...
and this weird thingy cost RM115 ! wow ~

MSN Livetravel contest
1) Motorola Handphone - motorazr E8
oh 2nd handphone xD !!!

This is how it arrived...

this is how i took off her jacket...

and rub her back....

and turn her! wow ~ !!

slowly open hhhe...hher.... leg

hey, I love the packing. So niceee, it makes you softly slide it open and increase
your heartbeat 'beep bok beep bok beep bok' .....

and the CHILD is BoRn , the CHILD is BoRn !!

Congratulation !!! =.=" thinner than my fingerss O.O"
Let's applause to technology....

from tiny to light, light to thin, thin to sexy....soon sexy to tasty.
Eat-able handphone, they design it like a bread, after you buh-bye...sekali swallow it =}
yummy ~

Nokia Mapster Contest
1) 3 cutie Mapster toy
awww....its been 3-4 months already...
I thought they already lost somewhere in the map....

ermm...its more likely a hardtoy than a softtoy...
I think you can actually get bruieses if I hit them on your head... O.O"...

this one looks like robot, can twist its head and hand....

this one...look like timun....exactly like timun....
or a timun with siblings... or a harder timun.....

this one look like err...barney...err mix with eggplant...=.="

something like this....

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Ruionkoh said...

i am serious in buying the Apple Ipod Black 8gb.
Kindly send an email with the prize to my mail at