Thursday, December 22, 2011

Rachel Beh Jing Jing in Guang Ming Daily Newspaper

Recently... i'm so bz bz bz bz ~~~

Alot workload pending but I feel to waste my 5 minutes here..

I appear in Guang Ming Daily ~~~ !!!!

* give myself big applause* =_=

haha, shocked isn't it ? Me too ~
Let you kaypo this first , will update the details when I free.

ya.... when i free.... T.T ~~~

Front page, gaya macam roti kaya !
*photo credited to Chee Hong* sank him so much

Beauuuutiful wonderful swimming pool
Bombastic , fantastic , horrific @@ ~~
*photo credited to Bernard* He is the first one notice!

Guang Ming Online

ho ho ho... I gotta go
* proffff and disappear in the air *