Saturday, November 26, 2011

Magnum - Enjoy The Royal Treatment Contest

Magnum is organizing this
Magnum The Royal Treatment Contest
where a Tiara worth RM200,ooo is up for the Grand Prize!

Grand Prize winner will be based on 50% Judges 50% Public Votes.
There's 2 rounds to compete where;
Phase 1 - Be the Top 10 highest vote to be in the final
Phase 2 - 10 finalists show up with their creativity for the Most Royal Pose
in a professional photo shoot at Selangor.

Looks fun baby.
So, asked my buddy whether she wanna have fun?
She was like.... ALRIGHT ~~~~~

First move, hunt for Magnum !!

Second, ready to make overrrrr ~~~~

You took one hour for this !!????

and tada ~~~ We're ready !!!
Just don't understand why I look like an Indian Queen @@

Queen ah Queen....
To be thissss Queen is not easy.
Semua BSBH, apa pun kena buat....... =_=

After being a cameraman....
I have to run over to be the Model....

See.... I stood there balancing,
remain my pose to let my bodyguard practice her poses.
And... no idea why she's trying to chop tree????

We tried lotsa poses.... like...
YES , you are magnumlicious ~
YES YES, you are magyum yum yum yumm ~
YES YES YES ~~~ you are old mag donald had a farm
eee yaaa eee yaa oOoooo @@|||

meKkk mekkKkk here and the mekk mekk there...

Ya silly us and we decided to submit this.
The not so MeKKkk meKKkk one ^^v

And we managed to get in the finalist !!
woOooHOooooo ~~~~~~~ @#$&*@$@#$^$@^ !!!!

and now.... cracking our head.
How la to prepare our stuff to Selangor ???

aRghHHhh.... just do it la !!
Spending the week preparing.....

I want to build a 3D Mountain of Magnum boxes....
Been having sleepless night thinking of how!

Mum is supportive.
She try to make a better Queen Rope for me incase
I'm just too small size to fit in a big one ....
Thanks mama =)

Hunt for man's boot everywhere ~~~
Lucky me I found one. Thanks Ah Black who borrowed me.
Spending my night polishing shoe until 2am... ZZzzzZzz ~~

FULLED .... OMG , so heavy T.T ~~~

We are heading to KL ~~ !!!! caya lah !!

dan mabuk terus .....
damn, so heavy so tired so sleepy so.... argghhh =(

Ringggggg ~~~~~
Wake up , meeting for the poses !

Just stick the to plan wokie !
Follow me, do this shoe shoe... nah nah shoe shoe....

Yao Yeng pose.
when you can't be like James Bond,
Try Jings Bond....

Before sleep... completing the puzzle...

The cleaner will hate us.
The room is as dirty as like we've stay for weeks >.<||

Wake up in the morning with energy !!!
kik kok kik kok kik kok... I'm kambing I'm kambing ~~

Each participant only given 40 minutes.
Fast fast torture the mirror ~~~~~~

yea, you are red enough my queen.
Let's go !!

Wait ! Agreement for some photo shooting rules...
No middle finger
No nudity
No facial with ice cream
No planking
What? Serious? ekkEekEkekeke .... xD !!!!

Saw one of my competitor.
She's sOOOoo cuteee.
Without asking her permission, I go to her.
ahAHHAhaahahaha xD !!!!

No additional copy is allowed to be kept =(
and so... this is my submission !!!
Pweaseee support me ~~~~~
>>Vote Rachel Beh<<

Alert Alert !! sex sex sex !!!
Ok, I believed I caught your attention !!!
Please click this to make the vote button appear ~~~~ ^^v

Alright , that's for now.
I gonna hypnotized awake trawling votes all day long.

Gambatte yoh ~~~~~~~


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