Tuesday, June 28, 2011

TGV - Superhero Wanted Contest

TGV Cinemas is organizing this
Superhero Wanted Contest ~!!!

TGV is looking for a TRUE HERO to stop
the villains from spreading their ABC Virus ~~

Opss... I mean BCE Virus !!!!
B.C.E aka Bad Cinema Etiquette Virus !

There's two option...
Beheaded yourself and glue into their uniform or...
Wear your own GAYA costume and show em what you got !!!

Show your power ~ show your poweeee ~~~~
and you will be rewarded !!! wowWWww ~~

So, I start digging my closet to match up my costume!!

And I don't have a mask...
So.... make up is needed.... @@||

My assistant took an hour to design me a panda eyes ...
Cannot la weiii ~~~ I'm Rachel Beh not Panda Beh .. T.T

Then she took 30 minutes to rub off.... OMG !!!!!

Then she redesign a cooler one....
Well, she told me this shape looks cool..... =__=||

I doubt about that, can you honestly tell me......
This shape really looks COOL ????? Really ????

Spent too much time on my eyes.
I decided to carry on......
Amboiiii , why my boot so tight ~~~~~

Oh man, I stand here for minutes to tarik-tarik.
Why my feet suddenly turns big like eh-lee-fern T.T ~~~

Alright , I'm ready !!!!
I shall name myself.... errrrr......
Ultra-JING ~ Since I got this blinking button like Ultraman!!
Lame lame lame ..... nvm... T.T

umm, forget about the name.
Let me start with the posing.....

First pose , hiaKKKkkk ~~!!!!!!
Failed, I think named myself An-JING better.
Look like a dog trying to pee..... =_=

Second Pose , hiakKkkkk !!!!
Well.... this one look like I'm trying to crawl in the air.
Need to feel more oOOOmmphh ~~
I need moreeeee OOoMMmmphhh !!!!

So, I try to throw out a real punch to get such effect.
hiakKKkkkk.... wa chaKKkkk ~~~~~~

I seriously pose alot.....
try to punch , try to scream ,
try to kick and even try to sleep.....
I cannot "tahan" la weiii , I never see such ugly hero >.<||
I don't even look abit like CHUN LEE , I look like a MON KEE ~~

I think that's the best I can deliver.
All I can do is to keep my finger crossed and PRAY HARD !!

I hope that's hard enough.... ^^||

Figuring the name....
TGV man !!!!
owhh... well, you're not a man , next !
TGV woman !!!!
owhh... well, can yew be more creative?

ummm.... TeeGy Weeman !!!
Since woman is so ordinary... I'll be a weeman then.
A new species of HERO finally born ~~~~~

TeeGy Weeman !!!
My superpower is to deliver a very very powerful punch ~
Yesssss, Weery Weery PoWeeful Punch !!

No... nono... not this....
This is not my poweeeeeeful punch...

My poweeeeeeeeeeeful punch should be like this !!!

Million punches in and out per second,
Strong and speedy like a hurricane!

It comes from no where and hit you somewhere,
Is poweeeeful to bring down that Gertrude Sinclair!!

Mission Accomplished and the Hero was born!!!

I need to transform back to human now...

...............oh sh*t ....
Can't clean off........................

I hope I won't have a nightmare tonight ~

Do Vote for my TeeGy Weeman !!!
>>Vote TeeGy Weeman<<

I need your support to vote one day for once,
Support my submission or let's join in the fun!

For more information about this contest.
Go to : TGV Cinemas Facebook FanPage



Wilson said...

hahaha, OMG, jing2, u r super creative!!!! keep up the good work girl.

Anonymous said...

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Jing Jing said...

@Wilson... thanks, will keep on moving!

@FX ... use forex means what?