Thursday, June 9, 2011

Exabytes Super Blogger Slogan Contest Part. 2

Here’s a chance for you to win a Google Adword credit worth RM100.
All you have to do is post a photo and complete a simple slogan.

1. You will need to post our super blogger contest image on your blog
(Refer to the above picture).
2. You will need to complete a slogan on
“I like Exabytes Domain because ___________________________.
(Min. 45 words, Max. 9999999999999999 words. Can be in Bahasa Malaysia or English.)
3. By submitting this slogan to us, you will also stand a chance to WIN iPad 2, Haagen Daaz Voucher, Starbucks Voucher and KFC Voucher!
4. This competition is only open for Malaysian and prizes will only be send to Malaysian Address.
5. Below is the list of prizes we are featuring today (10th June 2011)

List of Prizes for our Exabytes Super Blogger Slogan Contest TODAY!
10 Google Adwords.
6 Exabytes Notepad
5 Google Notepad
1 Google T-shirt

Stand a chance to also WIN:
1 iPad2
5 Starbucks Voucher (RM50)
5 Haagen Daaz Voucher (RM25)
10 KFC Voucher (RM10)

Participant who submits:
1st. Google Notepad
2nd. Google Adwords (RM100)
3rd. Exabytes Notepad
4th. Skip
5th. Google Adwords (RM100)
6th. Google Notepad
7th. Google Adwords (RM100)
8th. Skip
9th. Exabytes Notepad
10th. Google Adwords (RM100)
11th. Google Notepad
12th. Skip
13th. Google Adwords (RM100)
14th. Google Adwords (RM100)
15th. Exabytes Notepad
16th. Skip
17th. Google Adwords (RM100)
18th. Exabytes Notepad
19th. Exabytes Notepad
20th. Google Adwords (RM100)
21st. Skip
22nd. Skip
23rd. Google Adwords (RM100)
24th. Exabytes Notepad
25th.Google Adwords (RM100)
26th. Skip
27th. Skip
28th. Google Notepad
29th. Skip
30th. Google Notepad

For more information on our Super Blogger Contest, kindly
Exabytes Super Blogger Slogan Contest Part 2

I like Exabytes Domain because .....
provided unique name beyond the rest,
guidance to seek what suit me the best,
extra services avoiding me into mess,
friendly treatment as like a VIP guest !

Affordable price with fast loading speed,
Save money save energy like everyone need,
Exabytes domain satisfied everyone with happy feet !


clement said...

Wah JJ, heard that you won a google T!!!! Show it to us la~!! xD

By the way, why you don want to get a domain? go and buy la it's only RM38 a year.. si kiam siap~!

Jing Jing said...

After i receive it then I show off la. Who say I dun hv a domain ? ZZzzZZzz =__=