Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pizza Hut Fish King Contest Winners 2010

OhhHh so hep-pieeeeee ~~~
I got alotttt of things to buy but just out of budget T.T

and YESSSsSS , what a good news ~
ohHh yeSSs, I won a Shopping Trip from Pizza Hut!

and OhhH nOOo, I got food poison and die die hafta go to KL ~

I get to stay at Piccolo Hotel arranged by Pizza Hut! ^^

Heard it's a new hotel ....

Environment not bad huh....

Trying to kaypo around even I'm sick....

My room... No. 803

Not really big but just fit me ^^

I love their basin and shower tap ....

After kaypo ... I terus K.O again ~ T.T

Then we have a briefing section....
Taught us how to spend like a king @@||

Have to sign on some agreement.
Agree for not turning into shopaholic ~
Pizza Hut will not be responsible if you
shop until cramp or vomit or gone mad or.... zZzz

Received part of my prizes ^^
I look so terrible and vegetable.
SOOoo.... sensor ~~!!!

Day 2 ,
I sleep early wakup early for my breakfast ^^
umm... the ham hor... abit weird de taste >.<

yea... sick still sapu whatever to put in my mouth.
I'm so hungry I tell you....
I diarrhea like the washroom gonna collapse already...
I'm just hungry ~~~~~~ T.T

Meet up before the shopping spree start.
Every of the winner get one assistant to follow us ... O.O
That assistant was actually our Choy San Yeh @ Prosperity God !!!

Everyone running like cats & dogs like there's millions to pick up.
kik kok - kik kok rush over to Pavilion ~
Then women walk fast like a horse,
While the man fly over like Santa Clause ...=_=

Pizza Hut even assign 1 Videoman and 1 Cameraman.
They follow us like we're in the making of Shopaholic II ~

And she's June. My Choy San Yeh ~~!!!
HarLoww... opSs... is Choy San Mui ~~
and why didn't she wore red ha ??

woaHHhh... syok ah !!! ^^||| ~

We have a break. Lunch at Pizza Hut .
Yala... makan more la... Toilet is waiting for me ~~~

Pizza Hut served me kaw-kaw ~
but... How do I finish them... =__=||

Some photo section.
yea... is kinda GAYA to hold that board ^^
Too bad, I can't steal it and carry back to Penang... >.<

continue my shopping...
scoring my dream shoe ~~~ arGGhhh !!!

Hop from one level to another ~

yea... sapu-ed all back to Penang ! ^^

Thanks to Pizza Hut !!!
This is awesome... ~~~
You've just make an amazing moment that might not
ever happen in my life !!! ~~~~~~

^^v ~
Will update if I received the photo from organizer =}



Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

Wah bra also you show to us lol

sy said...

niceeee.. 5 starrrrr hotel.

Jing Jing said...

@chadchad... lol xD ... is ok ba. I'm not wearing it n show to yew ...>.<
n thanks baby ^^

@sy... ying gai bu shi 5 starrr lor ~

Lim Yimei said...

ROAR ♥ WMNS NIKE DUNK LOW CL. How much did you buy yours for?

Jing Jing said...

* eye rolling *

I duno those shoe eh title.
Mind telling me which colour ar ?
Red = RM139
Blue = RM279
Yellow = RM249

if I can remember it correctly la ^^||

Lim Yimei said...

omg all so cheap o.O die I bought the red one RM200 ehh where u buy mia...which nike shop?

Jing Jing said...

@Yimei... inside pavilion lor. mayb the time u bought still new model kua... ^^