Saturday, October 2, 2010

F&N Fruit Tree video contest winners

My busiest month preparing the animation video
finally paid off ^^

Won the Grand Prize ~~
An Apple Ipad 16gb

Thanks F&N Fruit Tree for sending it all the way
to Penang ^^v ~

I submitted 2 videos and this is my winning video
Spreads the Fruit Tree

also a funny SuperJing version that I crack out last minute ^^
SuperJing spreads SuperJuice in SuperJubilant way!

and congrats to the other winners...
they had an amazing videos too ^^

2. Ipod Touch Winner Chewing Gum

3. Ipod Touch Winner Eggyolks

4. Ipod Touch Winner Ken 王子

5. Consolation Prize Lee Yong Yuan

6. Consolation Prize Tan Kong Ang

7. Consolation Prize Pierre Leong

8. Consolation Prize Timothy Matthew Raj

9. Consolation Prize Cecile Yeoh

10. Consolation Prize Yennie Lee Chiao Yeng

Thanks to you who had voted for me ^^v
Thanks F&N Fruit Tree for organizing a fun contest !

View all Contestant video here


Anonymous said...

Thanks to you for being a Fruit Tree lover :)

More contest will come. In the meantime, let's have some Fruit Tree Orange to celebrate your victory!


F&N Fruit Tree

Lim Yimei said...

omg another iPad? Give me 50% off xD

Jing Jing said...

Fruit Tree to celebrate victory. Dat's a good idea xD !!
Yea... will look forward n keep peeping F&N page ^^

@Yimei... haha,i will support you to get one free. Jz lemme kno if u join any in chasing em =D