Thursday, September 10, 2009

Samsung Imagination Event at Bijou

I know I'm veli slowwww.....
Contest first.... contest first ma.....

Remember the contest I've been rushing up before
I head myself to the Most Wanted Ruumate Finale??

dot dot dot ......

Ok, U forget. Ne'mind.......

Though if I couldn't grab a TV over the MWR .
Then.... I shall try my luck at this
Samsung Imagination Blog & Win Contest !!!

TV TV TV TV TV TV TV !!!!!! xD ~

Good news !!!

No la, I'm not winning a TV.... =_=" ~

I get their invitation heading down to KL
for being a Top 20 Best Blogger...

cheh..... ~ !!!

IF you don't get ur ass there,
you are NOT ELIGIBLE to win the Grand Prize....

WahHhHHhhHHHhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!

So... there goes ....
Hello KL , Ngo Yao Lei LaAAaaaaaaaa ~~~

Ok, I'm a coward.....
I'm real scare if I won a H1N1 as my prize =_=

The event held at Bijou...
dekat mana, wa sudah lupa .... =_="

This is SU (soo, sue, zoo ?? sorry but how to spell?)
She's so friendly. Welcome us and makes me feel like home.

There I meet my Tai Lou of comper, Sha Sha !!

Then another gang, Lizzie ...

this is errr.... Rajesh Kumar ke Kiran Kumar ??
Anyway, he is from the King of Slogan family ~

The Top 20 best Blogger will get a
Samsung MP3 player..... and....

Lunch for TWO!!
Itu spaghetti, chicken and cream puff without cream.
Niceee..... ~
The Dessert.... taste weird @@ ~~~

Samsung even prepared TAKE AWAY for the Muslim.
awww...... so caring..... =}

My Driver and Model of the Day...
Kel kel ..... ~ meOwwww ~~~

There I push my model to battle for Guitar Hero ~
Highest score gets a Samsung DVD F1080 !!

too bad... mission failed.
There goes the Samsung DVD to.... ( aiya, whats their name?)

and there's some changes for the prizes.
Winner doesn't pick by their category but
Samsung pick the best from overall... O.O" ~

A survey been posted at Samsung Univez
a day B4 the event ....

Surpriseeee.... Sha-Sha gets his dream Laptop!!
He answered the survey about having a new one,
NOW... HE GOT ONE.... woOOhOOo ~

another Surprise goes to Mr.Eggyolk....
He's about to move to his new house.
He dream to have a TV and Home Theater....

From the survey... HE GET BOTH !!!
and it's gonna deliver to his new house at SABAH!!

Lydia Teh, a writer..... wow ~
She's getting a new Desktop deliver to her house too.
She's so happy!! She's been using an old computer
for her writing.... and NOW .... woOOoHOoOO !!!

Samsung , you guys are damn scary la...
But we like it ... xD ~ !!!

and now.... my turn...

am getting this.....
A box of Chicken Rice by Samsung !!!

eHEhehehhee.... I know u r not idiot ... xD ~

Is a newly launch NetBook by Samsung !!!
Samsung Netbook N310

Slim... yess !! I love the design with its battery hidden up.
The keyboard... yess!! Is like a mini MacBook... =D ~

soo... thats my new toy which...
often makes me feel hungry coz it looks like
Nasi Ayam Bungkus Samsung... =_="

every angle was so smooth...
the material like rubber instead of plastic...

sadly, it didn't come with a lappie bag.
The thing I love about this netbook...

1) The unique design, all round finishing like safe toy xD
2) Hole hole.... it's a girl . It got 3 USB hole !!
One for mouse, one for Netbook fan, one for the notty thumb-drive...
3) The keyboard... neat and... to get dust in it , kinda hard ~
4) It can stay for long hours. So, cable... u r not goin out with us ~

so... baby, stay with mummy now ~

hey... don't look down at my Chicken Rice.
It worth RM1, 799. 00 ....

WHAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
( I'm shock too @@ )

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