Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Month of Dust - May 2009

Was eating dust the whole month.

So, I used the time wisely....
Going to PC fair grab my stuff ~

Torturing my camera while waiting for driver~
saw this... YuCk thing on my way~
Good warning, reminding you DO look left and right 1st....

Prepared all equipment to war again
at Contest Battlefield~

Head to border~
Looking for dictionary dictionary dictionary... =.= ~

sapu sapu SaR-BoOOoo ~

Always wanted to eat JaPeniZ Foodddd~
Let me think think what to eat ~
(salmon salmon salmon... or salmon ?)

aHHhh, no outside food is allow !!!!~
Deciding should I SAPU this sushi ??

think of better grab more maggie mee... @@
etc etc... ~
=.=".... can open mini mini market liao....

On way back from Bukit Jambul...
This is a vEryyy veRyyy nice salted sweet potatoess ~

and this is a Yummyy yummy mummy daddyyy
called Seaweed sweeett potatoess...

Rest at home enjoying my fav choco ~
Rittle sport !!! ( Finally I know where to get in Penang)

My fav JaPeniz tar-tar sauceeee ~

Salad for my dinner... ( sounds like diet but not =.=" )
I eat drink write draw chat at the same place all the time....
Alright... I got enough rest...
I shall do All I can....
See if I can shine my blog with prizes again.... =D

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