Sunday, January 6, 2013

Chairkhana - The office chair racing sports

Besides being busy with Bengkel Life.
Our Director Chan suddenly excited to launch a new sport..

He intro us the... ChairKhana !!!
Well...something that comes with 5 wheels.....

He confused me.
As I know talk is cheap !!!

He tried to built a chair.....i think so.
He's going to film Flintstones ?... i think so...

A week of hard bang on those woods...
He appears awesome!!!
Abs' on Chest's on Chairs' ON !!!!!!

Rubber wheels,
Cushion seat,
Race for your freedom you have none in your office !

He challenged me to be the first to test ride.
Me? Sap Sap Sui laaaa ~~~~~

Go rawrRrrrr ~~~

Where's The Fish ?
No play play...
Chan spreads it presents it...

and this sport, Chairkhana will be on for race!

Sap sap sui la ~~

For more info about Chairkhana
Go to :
Chan Brother's Facebook

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