Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bloggers - 3x Collagen CollagenMAX” Campaign

Remember the Share the 3x Collagen CollagenMAX” Campaign?
Previous blog >> HERE <<

Where you have to upload 3x Collagen CollagenMAX picture
at your Facebook wall and goyang around to ask for like.

Fabulous Lynn will reward those who cekap goyang and
gather the most like... with.... with an iPad2 !!!!

and how about now ??

Now hor... Fabulous Lynn is giving away another iPad2 if
you blog it out !!

How to Join

Step 1
Blog about "3x collagen CollagenMAX"

Step 2
Send the link to by 30th of April 2011.

Step 3
Crossed your fingers and pray for the best

Step 4
Mumble my spell 3 times a day.
After Breakfast , Lunch and Dinner !!

Fabulous Lynn oh Fabulous Lynn,
Your product reborn our skin so shining-shining,
Our appearance now makes all guy pening-pening,
iPad iPad please fall on me for cekap mem- blogging !!

Step 5
Ignore step 3 , 4 and 5 ..... ^^||

The author of the best blog article selected by Fabulahealth judges
will be entitled for a iPad 2(16G) FREE!!!

So... charge up your fingers....
go go go... blog it spread it to other blogger ~!!!!

The winners list will be posted at FabulousLynn and Fabulahealth
on 6th May 2011 @

You might be wondering what is this
3x Collagen CollagenMAX is all about.
My previous blog >> HERE <<

ya la ya la ... I know you'll be lazy to read.
I'll roughly go through once la....

"This 3x Collagen CollagenMAX is a beauty drink for skin.
Drink liao SUI, Drink liao SMOOTH, Drink liao got MOOD !!"

~ The End ~ >.<||

what wor... roughly ma. My roughly means 2 lines.
You better go through my previous post.
Add in your idea and spread it out ~~~

Together we crossed our fingers ^^v

Do catch more info updates of Miss Lynn Lim
at Fabulous Lynn FanPage


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